Character Dialogue
C-cobra bubbles We've had reports of anomalies all over this sector. Possibly extraterrestrial in origin; possibly not.
C-cobra bubbles Put plainly: It is NOT just the robot that's out of place here.
C-cobra bubbles And when headquarters wants a full accounting of what is out of place... I am the one they call in first.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-cobra bubbles
Level 1
Send Bubbles to do some recon around the Kingdom.
"Do Some Recon"
2h Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-cobra bubbles Hm. We'll have to explain away the apparent chronological aberrations as part of a historical re-enacters' convention...
C-cobra bubbles ...the sentient anthropoids as a swamp-gas-induced mass hallucination...
C-cobra bubbles ...maybe claim the oversized blue entity was a weather balloon the whole time? No -- too risky.
C-cobra bubbles ... Oh. Needless to say, everything I've just said will need to be kept in the strictest confidence. No exceptions.
C-cobra bubbles After all... there are some things that the general public is simply not meant to know.


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