Character Dialogue
Trusty Now, Jock, have I ever told you what my grandpappy Ol' Reliable used to say?
Jock *sigh* ... (Most likely.) Aye, laddie, what he used to say about what?
Trusty Ah-ah-ah... I'm gettin' to that, I'm gettin' to that! Well, he used to say that...
Trusty Uh, are you SURE I mentioned Ol' Reliable before? 'Cause I don't quite recollect if I have...
Jock Here we go again...


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 7
Send Trusty & Jock to discuss Old Reliable... again.
"Discuss Old Reliable"
12h Experience5, Magic50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Trusty Well, we'd tracked that bail jumper all the way to the county line, see, and he was tryin' to shake us by fordin' a creek--
Jock Hold on now, hold on! (Cannae get a word in edgewise for half an hour...)
Jock Trusty, while I am QUITE familiar with Old Reliable's sayings... don't you usually employ them in service of a larger point?
Trusty Ahh, yes -- I was gettin' to that! It was... well, it was somethin' about "brevity bein' the soul of wit," I believe...
Jock ... You don't say.
Trusty Now, as I was sayin'... Well, maybe I better start over...


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