Character Dialogue
C-mrs. potts-las Belle and the Master always appreciate a nice, hot cup of tea after their weekly reading time... and I'm happy to oblige them!
C-mrs. potts-las A spot of Darjeeling should do the trick... That'll pep them up nicely in case they've just read one of the sadder bits.
C-mrs. potts-las Now: If it were a comedy, peppermint would be best! A cook just knows these things.

Reading and Refreshments

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mrs. potts-las
Level ?
Send Mrs. Potts to prepare tea for the couple.
"Prepare Tea"
12h M-xp45, Update-19-m-currency250
Character Dialogue
C-mrs. potts-las Here's your tea service, Master! What have you and the missus been reading this time?
C-beast-las Oh... Hello, Mrs. Potts. Uh... it's not very important, but... One of the... uh... the romantic parts.
C-mrs. potts-las Gracious! In that case, forget the Darjeeling... I have a special tin of jasmine tea for just this occasion!
C-beast-las Uh... Thank you...?
C-mrs. potts-las It's a very fragrant tea, jasmine is. Perfect for those tender moments!


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