Character Dialogue
C-hiro-bh6 We'll need all the help we can get taking down those battle bots... and not just so we can scan their hard drives, either.
C-hiro-bh6 With things this bad, we're gonna need all the spare parts we can get! Think of it like recycling, but... uh... more violent.

Ready... FIGHT!!!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-battle bots Collect Wires from Battle Bots.
57m M-gem5, Xp10, Update-21-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-hiro-bh6 Wait -- is this wire superconductive?! Sweet!
C-hiro-bh6 Look -- say what you want about San Fransokyo's underground bot fighters, but they've got good taste in components.
C-hiro-bh6 I should know -- I was one! A bot fighter, not a component.


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