Character Dialogue
C-jasmine-ttc I thought my father would have told us he was coming... but he DOES forget to send messengers sometimes.
C-jasmine-ttc Still: A surprise visit is MUCH better than no visit at-- Um... Aladdin? Are you all right?
C-aladdin-ttc No! I mean... Yes! I mean... I just realized I haven't even TALKED to your dad in... well, in months! What if I forget how to...
C-aladdin-ttc Uh... Jasmine? Could we... run through all those "noble etiquette" lessons you've been giving me, again? Like... ALL of them.

Refresher Course

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Aladdin and Jasmine to practice noble manners. *
"Practice Noble Manners"
2h T-refresh1, Xp1, Update-20-m-currency800
Level 1

* Requires Aladdin (Prince Ali Costume) & Jasmine (Purple Dress)

Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-ttc (Ahem...) O Sultan of Agrabah, Lord of Justice and Equity, All-Wise One... um... Monarch of Monarchs... I... uh...
C-aladdin-ttc What I mean to say is... Hi.
C-the sultan ... My goodness! No need for formalities, my boy -- no need whatsoever. After all, we're practically family by now!
C-the sultan Though I'll admit, I haven't heard that "All-Wise One" bit in quite some time. I think it's rather refreshing!
C-aladdin-ttc (Phew!) Well... Thank you, Your Majesty! I mean... just REGULAR "thank you."


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