Character Dialogue
C-olaf Sven and I have become best friends! I give him lots of hugs and brush his fur...
C-olaf ...and he tries to kiss my nose.
C-olaf Do you think it's because my nose looks just like his favorite food? Naaaaaaah. That's just silly!

Reindeer Games

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Sven and Olaf to play together.
"Play Around with a Friend"
12h M-xp5, Update-7-m-currency50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-olaf I'm so excited! Sven and I came up with a new game. It's called "got-your-nose." We played it over and over and over.
C-olaf Mostly Sven won. He's really good at grabbing my nose with his teeth.
C-olaf ANY friend can grab your nose. But only a TRUE friend gives it back every time!


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