Character Dialogue
C-rey-starwars All right... I don't think they're following us. How're we looking? Everyone's in one piece?
C-finn-starwars Well, Poe and I are all right, and we've evacuated everyone we need to... but we should do all we can to cover our tracks.
C-rey-starwars Good call. That cave system won't be much of a hideout if the First Order fines it, too...
C-rey-starwars Let's split up, do a sweep each, and meet back here once we're done, okay?


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Finn to cover the Resistance's tracks.
"Cover Their Tracks"
4h Xp5, Update-36-m-currency50
Level 3
Send Rey to cover the Resistance's tracks.
"Cover Their Tracks"
Character Dialogue
C-finn-starwars Whoo! Okay -- speaking as a former stormtrooper, any CURRENT stormtroopers are gonna have a tough time finding us. I made sure!
C-rey-starwars That's good, but... something still isn't right. I can still sense Kylo Ren's presence hare... I don't think he plans to leave.
C-rey-starwars I think we should stay here, for now... us, and Poe, and the rest of the resistance. To protect this place, and everyone in it.
C-finn-starwars Hey -- if you're on board with that so am I! Protecting people who need it... it's kind of what we do, right?
C-rey-starwars Yeah... It's what we do.


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