Character Dialogue
Rey All right... I don't think they're following us. How're we looking? Everyone's in one piece?
Finn Well, Poe and I are all right, and we've evacuated everyone we need to... but we should do all we can to cover our tracks.
Rey Good call. That cave system won't be much of a hideout if the First Order fines it, too...
Rey Let's split up, do a sweep each, and meet back here once we're done, okay?


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Finn to cover the Resistance's tracks.
"Cover Their Tracks"
4h Experience5, Galactic Credits50
Level 3
Send Rey to cover the Resistance's tracks.
"Cover Their Tracks"
Character Dialogue
Finn Whoo! Okay -- speaking as a former stormtrooper, any CURRENT stormtroopers are gonna have a tough time finding us. I made sure!
Rey That's good, but... something still isn't right. I can still sense Kylo Ren's presence hare... I don't think he plans to leave.
Rey I think we should stay here, for now... us, and Poe, and the rest of the resistance. To protect this place, and everyone in it.
Finn Hey -- if you're on board with that so am I! Protecting people who need it... it's kind of what we do, right?
Rey Yeah... It's what we do.


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