Character Dialogue
C-louis I'm grateful every time I get to blow this horn for company -- so being my own bandleader's a dream come true!
C-louis I've actually been pushing to take the "Firefly Five Plus Lou" on tour... Kansas City, Chicago, Harlem -- all the hottest spots!
C-louis Just as soon as I can find a traveling tour bus with a gator-sized tank of swamp water built into it, anyhow...
C-louis Until then... well, I'm just gonna practice my heart out and hope for the best!

Reptilian Reveille

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Louis to practice for his tour.
"Practcice for His Tour"
60m M-xp5, Update-27-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-louis WHOOO! I am on FIRE tonight! With chops like that, I could take that tour worldwide -- play all the best clubs in Paris, even!
C-louis 'Course then I'd need to find an ocean liner company that's let me swim around in their pool on the way over...
C-louis Ehh, better skip it. Hangin' out with Ray's Cajun relations is as close to being in France as I'll ever need!
C-louis I'm sure Ray'd be happy to know I'm still soakin' up culture from his cousins -- and zydeco, too!


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