Character Dialogue
C-doc-moana Happy 'n' me get up early, no problem -- supposing I ain't misplaced my spectacles, anyhow...
C-doc-moana And Sneezy? Why, most mornings, he snores himself clear off the edge of his sled! Uh... bed.
C-doc-moana It's the other four that are larder... I mean, harder. It takes as much work to get THEM ready for work as... well, as work does!

Rise and Shine!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc to the Cottage to wake the other dwarfs. *
"Wake the Other Dwarfs"
6h M-xp10, Update-29-m-currency75

* Requires Seven Dwarfs' Cottage

Character Dialogue
C-doc-moana Ahh... Ahhhh... AAAAACHOOOOOO!
C-doc-moana *sniff* ... Why, I never thought I'd be so sneezy this morning! Uh... not "Sneezy" sneezy, just regular sneezy.
C-doc-moana S'pose that's what I get for tellin' Grumpy to get up so loud, though. He threw a feather willow... uh, pillow right in my face!
C-doc-moana I ain't even tried to wake up Sleepy yet. He schedules his own keep! Uh... but the other way 'round.


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