Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco This is actually my first time playing for anyone outside of Santa Cecilia...
C-miguel rivera-coco ... Well, unless you count the Land of the Dead last year. And that was kind of a special case.
C-miguel rivera-coco Anyway. Nothing beats making music with my family... but on THIS Día de los Muertos, I wanted to share how good that feeling is!
C-miguel rivera-coco So, I'm gonna come back home soon -- but that's why I'm here now! (Abuelita packed me about ten tamales for the road, too...)

Road Gig

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-miguel rivera-coco
Level 1
Send Miguel to play for the Kingdom.
"Play for the Kingdom"
2h Xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco Huh... That was weird. It's like... this place is so colorful, you'd think everyone here would be happier!
C-miguel rivera-coco But it's like there was a lot on their minds... they weren't paying attention all the way. Even after I gave them my best grito!
C-miguel rivera-coco And I have a REALLY good grito now, too. I've been working on it all year!
C-miguel rivera-coco I gotta be careful, though. One time, I practiced too much, and I was hoarse for a whole week...


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