#RockTheDots is a mini event where you find Magic Brooms that are stalking through the Kingdom! Clean out your closet for the latest trend sweeping the Kingdom: Polka Dots!



#RockTheDots started on 20th January 2017 and ended on 23rd January 2017, lasting 3 days.

Milestone Rewards
1 M-magic broom8 M-magic750, Minnie Bow Token x2
2 M-magic broom40 M-magic1,500, Minnie Ears Token x2
3 M-magic broom100 M-magic2,500, Minnie Bow Token x3, M-gem2
4 M-magic broom200 M-magic4,000, Minnie Ears Token x3, M-gem3

Rank Rewards
1-3 M-magic5,000, M-gem35
4-15 M-magic5,000, M-gem15
16-100 M-magic5,000
101-250 M-magic3,500
251-1000 M-magic2,500
1,001-2,500 M-magic1,500
2,501-4,000 M-magic750

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