Character Dialogue
C-barley-onward Adventurers! Family! Friends! Today is a glorious day... Today, we act as one to win Sir Iandore's freedom! Are you with me?!
C-laurel-onward You have my sword! (That I'm actually borrowing from my friend here.)
C-the manticore-onward And my tail!
C-colt-onward And my... uh... my police radio! Is that what we're doin', here?
C-barley-onward ... Close enough! LET'S RIDE!!!

Roll for Initiative!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-guide book token Free Sir Iandore!
24h * Xp5, Update-39-m-currency50

* 32h without Blazey & Dad

Character Dialogue
C-the manticore-onward (I move 30 feet forward and grant Laurel a combat bonus with my Entrancing Flames ability!) FWOOOSH!!!
C-colt-onward WHOO! Go, Laurel! You can do it, honey -- I believe in ya! (That counts as an "Inspire" action, right?)
C-laurel-onward (It sure does, sweetie -- and right on time, too, 'cause I just got a 20 on my Curse Crusher attack roll!) HYAAAAH!
C-barley-onward (Whoa... Add five, plus the bonus from the Manticore, and...)
C-barley-onward Ha-haaaa! The Pixie Dusters are retreating! We did it! WE WON!
C-barley-onward Ohh, victory... A taste finer than the purest Mountain Doom, and twice as sweet!


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