Character Dialogue
C-elsa-frozen I released that man we found and talked to him. He's the Southern Isles' court physicist, and he's just as upset as we are.
C-elsa-frozen It was his job to make sure Hans stayed out of trouble while he was on "official business" here -- until Hans blackmailed him...
C-anna-frozen Why, that LITTLE...! So THAT guy messed up your magic to put Marshmallow to sleep, which caused the storm...
C-elsa-frozen ... So Hans could sweep in and look like a hero! He's at the castle now, Anna. We have to stop him!

Royal Intrigue

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Elsa and Anna to Arendelle Rink to face Hans. *
"Face Hans"
8h Xp5, Update-7-m-currency50
Level 6

* Requires Arendelle Courtyard Rink

Character Dialogue
C-elsa-frozen Hans! Stop! We know what you've been planning, and those plans end now!
C-hans-frozen Really? Because it LOOKS like you're using ice magic to threaten a foreign prince. I hope you enjoy international incidents...
C-elsa-frozen Hans, your physicist told us everything. We have proof, and I'm sure your brothers would be very happy to hear all about it!
C-hans-frozen Well. Congratulations then, "Queen" Elsa. You've just made me realize how thankful I am to have a backup plan.
C-elsa-frozen Wait -- come back...! Anna's right... He IS fast!


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