Character Dialogue
C-prince charming (sw) Being a prince... I so rarely get to just be myself. There's always another ball, or reception, or royal audience...
C-prince charming (sw) Why, I hardly even see what life is like outside the palace!
C-prince charming (sw) That's why Snow White and I often visit the little men, in their cottage in the woods. Nothing could be more refreshing!
C-prince charming (sw) And, since Snow White taught them all to wash... why, it's even more refreshing than that!

Royal in Attendance

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince charming (sw)
Level 5
Send Prince Charming to visit the Dwarfs' Cottage. *
"Visit the Cottage"
2h M-xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Seven Dwarfs' Cottage

Character Dialogue
C-prince charming (sw) Ha ha! That Dopey... always a breath of fresh air! And Doc... why, he can be quite the conversationalist!
C-prince charming (sw) At least, I'm almost sure he is. I've asked my royal advisors, and they've never heard of some of the expressions he uses...
C-prince charming (sw) Perhaps they're better-known out in the forest?


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