Sand Whirls (Sand Whirls) are NPC's available during the A Whole New World Event 2017 and Sand Whirls Mini Event.


Sand Whirls Run Free in the Kingdom!
Sand Whirls have begun appearing in the Kingdom! Certain characters are able to clear them away in order to earn rewards.

Collect Tokens and Select a Hero to Clear Away Sand Whirls!
Duster and Container tokens are required in order to clear away a Sand Whirl. These tokens can be earned by completing activities.

Collect Aladdin Tokens!
After clearing a Sand Whirl, a Lamp token will drop. Use the Lamp token to welcome and level up Aladdin characters!

Sand Whirls Return Until the Event Ends!
Sand Whirls will continue to appear in the Kingdom until the end of the event. Clear as many as possible!


Sand Whirls can be cleared by Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Carpet, Iago, Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine once the quest Keep It Breezy is unlocked, by using the Duster (Brush Token) and Container (Dustpan Token) tokens.

To clear Sand Whirls you will need 2 Duster Tokens and 2 Container Tokens per character. Clearing Sand Whirls takes 10 seconds and is the only way to get Lamp (Lamp Token) tokens to level up Aladdin characters during the event.

Similar to Vine Cages, Snowgies and Jeweled Crabs, Sand Whirls have a spawn rate of 6 every 90 minutes.

Quest Requirements Time Rewards
Keep It Breezy Send a character to clear away the Sand Whirls. Brush Token2, Dustpan Token2 10s Experience1, Sultan Symbols30 Lamp Token1


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