Character Dialogue
C-lilo Jumba and Pleakley usually babysit me when Nani's at work -- but sometimes they're off doing science-ey things, too.
C-lilo When that happens, I babysit myself! I'm really good at it.
C-lilo ... But I'm not supposed to do it at home anymore. The last time I did that, I kind of exploded the washing machine by accident.
C-lilo That's okay, though. Nani says I can just play at the beach instead!

Sand and Sun

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Lilo to play at Lahui Beach. *
"Play at Lahui Beach"
6h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Lahui Beach

Character Dialogue
C-lilo Wow. I made a REALLY good sand castle that time.
C-lilo I'm inspired a lot by modern art, you know. I tried to put in a bunch of cool angles and shapes!
C-lilo ... The giant slug monster ATTACKING the castle is a Lilo original, though.
C-lilo I'd sign it, but the tide's gonna come in soon. And I wanna go swimming anyway!


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