Character Dialogue
C-jasmine-ttc I'm glad Aladdin is here to talk with Abu for me. They've known each other forever, after all!
C-jasmine-ttc It does leave me with a little time to spare while they do, though...
C-jasmine-ttc Hmm... Could he REALLY be...?
C-jasmine-ttc I'll be back in a moment. There's something I have to find out for myself!

Second Opinion

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Jasmine to follow up on her theory.
"Follow Up on Her Theory"
4h T-refresh1, Xp1, Update-20-m-currency600
Character Dialogue
C-jasmine-ttc Aladdin! There's something I have to-- Well, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the procession myself, but--
C-aladdin-ttc Jasmine! You're here! Listen: I figured out what Abu was saying, and--
C-jasmine-ttc My father is here in the Kingdom!
C-aladdin-ttc The Sultan is here in the--! Heh... I guess you, me, and Abu are ALL right. That monkey's acting really proud of himself...
C-jasmine-ttc Haha! Well, he should be: He DID try to tell me himself! I should give him some apology fruit later...


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