Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda-coco Bueno: If I am to get word out to the WHOLE of the Land of the Dead, I will need more posters to do it!
C-mamá imelda-coco The originals were hand-printed by mija Victoria... That girl always did have an eye for detail work!
C-mamá imelda-coco Which makes it all the more infuriating that de la Cruz stole them all! Is there no member of my family he won't disrespect?!
C-mamá imelda-coco Rrrr... If I didn't have to ask Victoria for more posters right now, I would ask Pepita to go find her favorite chew toy again!

Second Printing

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mamá imelda-coco
Level 2
Send Imelda to get more Posters from the Dead. *
"Get More Posters"
2h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50, T-héctor rivera-2

* Requires Land of the Dead

Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda-coco Well! I have ONE more poster now -- so that is something. Unfortunately, printing another batch will take... about six weeks.
C-mamá imelda-coco Not that it's Victoria's fault! I will not blame my granddaughter for making things to last; that goes for shoes AND posters.
C-mamá imelda-coco Besides: If I saw what I thought I just saw, I will not need any new posters anyway!


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