Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco Uh... So, Abuelita left for home a while ago looking REALLY intense? And she hasn't gotten back yet. ... I'm kind of worried.
C-miguel rivera-coco I'm not sure if she knows how to talk to people about music without getting really worked up about it!
C-miguel rivera-coco Well, either she'll come back with songs from our family... or she'll make my family write some, and come back with THOSE.

Seeking Inspiration

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Abuelita to talk to the family at Home. *
"Talk to Family at Home"
2h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50

* Requires Rivera Familia Home

Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco Abuelita! There you-- Uh... what do you have in that handbag? (It's so big!)
C-abuelita-coco Oh, nothing much. Only the lyrics from Abel and Rosa's original duets, a polka record from Papá Julio's old collection, and--
C-miguel rivera-coco ... Is that a can of café?
C-abuelita-coco Ah-ah-ah! THAT is a phonograph cylinder. Honestly, Miguelito -- what have they been teaching you in school these days?
C-abuelita-coco This had your Mamá Imelda's name on it. Before Héctor left, she must have liked ranchera very much!


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