Character Dialogue
C-pumbaa-lk I like huntin' for party food almost as much as I like parties, Timon...
C-pumbaa-lk While I'm lookin', I get to think of all the fun we'll have eatin' all the bugs we find!
C-timon-lk Just as long as you wait 'til the party to eat 'em, pal. We don't want another repeat of Simba's birthday party last year.
C-pumbaa-lk Oh...yeah. I was so full I fell asleep and missed the whole thing.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Pumbaa and Timon to hunt up some party snacks.
"Hunt Up Party Snacks"
4h M-xp5, Update-12-m-currency50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
C-timon-lk Wow... now THAT'S some top-quality grub! We really outdid ourselves this time, Pumbaa.
C-pumbaa-lk If you say so, Timon...but what about Nala? I'm not sure she likes bugs as much as we do.
C-timon-lk Yeah, I told her she'd better eat before the party.
C-timon-lk Hospitality's one thing, but I'm not exactly the kind of caterer who can run down a zebra.
C-timon-lk Yeah... Being a carnivore must be tough. If I had to chase my food, I'd just get hungrier.


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