Character Dialogue
C-michael darling I have lots of friends in Never Land. Like all the Lost Boys!
C-michael darling We play all sorts of games together in their home under the ground. Like playing ball, and digging for worms, and...
C-michael darling ...and I'm going to play with them now!

Seven of a Kind

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-michael darling
Level 5
Send Michael to play at the Lost Boys' Hideout. *
"Play at the Hideout"
8h Xp30, M-magic250

* Requires Lost Boys' Hideout

Character Dialogue
C-michael darling Heehee! That was fun!
C-michael darling I played with Tootles when I was feeling quiet, Slightly when I was feeling loud, Nibs when I was feeling jumpy...
C-michael darling ...and the Twins when I wanted to play two things at once!
C-michael darling Cubby played with Bear the whole time. They're both bears!


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