Character Dialogue
C-lilo Okay! I just asked Mr. Puloki, and he said there TECHNINCALLY isn't a rule saying dogs can't be in next month's hula contest.
C-stitch Aaah -- bootifah! Akootah, akootah!

(Aaah -- good! Let's go, lets go!)

C-lilo ... And then he looked at me like he was GOING to ask me why I asked him, so I ran away before he could do that.
C-lilo We should probably practice our routine for the competition before he figures it out, huh?

Shake It!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 8
Send Stitch and Lilo to practice the hula at 'Ohana. *
"Practice Hula at 'Ohana"
8h Xp5, M-magic50
Level ?

* Requires 'Ohana

Character Dialogue
C-stitch Hakkiah, huzziuh, tiznet, tele sharov... Hakkiah, huzziuh, tiznet, tele sharov...

(One, two, three, four... One, two, three, four...)

C-lilo That's really good, Stitch! But I think that last one's supposed to be an ami kuku, not anami kahela.
C-lilo Or, wait... Maybe there are different steps if you have four legs instead of two? Or six!
C-lilo That must be why people look at me funny when I say you want to do hula. They're worried you have to improvise all the time!
C-stitch Ahhh... Smish, smish!

(Ahhh... Understood, understood!)


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