Character Dialogue
C-mowgli-main Shere Khan! I'm not afraid of you...but you should be afraid of me! Stop hurting my friends -- right now!!!
C-shere khan-main Well, if it isn't the little lost man-cub...and coming straight to me, instead of the other way 'round.
C-shere khan-main Why, it almost takes all the sport out of hunting you down. ... Almost.

Shere-ing of Grievances

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Mowgli to face Shere Khan.
"Face Shere Khan"
12h Xp25, M-magic200
C-shere khan-main
Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main Mowgli! You're still okay -- listen, we gotta get outta here before you get--!
C-mowgli-main Baloo -- stop getting in the way! I told you, I have to do this by my--!
C-baloo-main That's just it, kid. Ya DON'T have to do it yourself! Baggy and me -- we're gonna help you send Shere Khan packin'! Together!
C-baloo-main ... But what we AIN'T gonna do is sit back and let him turn you into tiger chow! Nobody should have to do this alone, buddy...
C-mowgli-main Gee... Thanks, Baloo! That's a really nice thing to do!


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