Character Dialogue
C-white rabbit Attention... that is to say, attention! All loyal subjects of Her Excellency, Her Grace, Her Royal Majesty the Queen of Hearts...
C-white rabbit (...and the King...)
C-white rabbit ...are hereby cordially, voluntarily invited to a mandatory croquet tournament in honor of Her Grace's Royal Unbirthday--
C-mad hatter-coco An UNBIRTHDAY, you say?! And furthermore... CROQUET, you say?! And INVITED? And also... uh... also "in" and "of" and so forth? Hoohoo!
C-white rabbit ... Ohhh, no. No, no, no, NO. If only I could cordially, voluntarily UN-invite somebody from a mandatory croquet tournament...

Sign Him Up...?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mad hatter-coco
Level 1
Send the Mad Hatter to consider playing croquet.
"Consider Playing Croquet"
60m M-xp10, Update-34-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-mad hatter-coco Ahhh... There's nothing like a cup of tea or forty to help a hatter remember whether he knows how to play croquet or not...
C-mad hatter-coco And there's EVERYTHING like a cup of tea or EIGHTY to remember that he can just get that dear girl to play croquet for him!
C-mad hatter-coco Of course... hoohoooo! ... Of course, I don't remember how many cups of tea I DID have.
C-mad hatter-coco But... ah... I'm sure statistics will prove that it was at LEAST eighty!


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