Character Dialogue
C-nani-las I'm glad we saved Stitch too, Lilo -- but aren't you forgetting something?
C-lilo-las Aw, man! Do we really still have to do our meeting with Cobra?
C-nani-las No -- he says we're all right for this month. What you ARE forgetting... is letting your sister tell you what a good job you did!
C-lilo-las Oh! Well, Cobra's great and all... but your idea sounds a LOT more fun!

Sisterly Love

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Lilo and Nani to celebrate a job well done.
"Celebrate Together"
4h Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50
Level 5
Character Dialogue
C-lilo-las Nani can be a little bit annoying sometimes... but she's a really good sister. And a GREAT hugger!
C-stitch-las Emba-chua! Morcheeba achi-baba!

(You said it! Very nice friend!)

C-lilo-las Good thing she's NOT so great at figuring out when we're planning a secret hula routine for her birthday, huh?
C-lilo-las It's really hard to practice a secret birthday hula when a giant robot's attacking. I tried!


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