Character Dialogue
C-vanellope So, Snow: Let's talk about the cleaning. Why is it your main thing? And, follow-up question... okay, seriously, WHY.
C-vanellope Do you even KNOW what a hobby is? 'Cause if you DO, and your only one is "domestic service," then... uh... you gotta get out more.
C-snow white-ttc Ha ha! Well, I certainly see your point... and don't worry. I do enjoy passing the time in other ways, too!
C-snow white-ttc But I did grow up doing housework... and while it was trying at first, I came to love having that peaceful time all to myself.
C-snow white-ttc Doing something simple with your hands can give you the time you need to think, and dream -- and it makes others happy, too!

Snow Speaks

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-snow white-ttc
Level 1
Send Snow White to continue the interview. *
"Continue the Interview"
4h T-refresh1, M-magic10, Update-20-m-currency250

* Requires Princess Dressing Room

Character Dialogue
C-vanellope Wow... I can't believe you made up that entire song JUST while doing your old roommates' dishes!
C-snow white-ttc Ha ha! Well, there WERE seven sets of them! So I had plenty of time to think of it.
C-snow white-ttc And do you know what's wonderful? I've learned that so many other people are fond of tidying up in just the same way!
C-snow white-ttc When I'm not busy with Princess Quizzes, I've been watching the most lovely program about a woman who helps families clean...
C-vanellope Whoa... as someone who once lived in a pile of trash in a volcano, that is COMPLETELY foreign to my experience. But really neat!
C-snow white-ttc I'm glad you think so! You know, as your friend, I would be happy to help you clean up, too...


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