Character Dialogue
C-prince eric Before I met Ariel, Grimsby never really approved of me spending so much time at sea... But I got a lot out of it!
C-prince eric Not just how to steer a ship or hoist a mainsail, either -- I first started playing the flute out there, too.
C-prince eric Sailors are more musical than you'd think! I always liked this hornpipe they taught me when we were sailing to Glowerhaven...

Song of the Sea

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince eric
Level 1
Send Eric to play a hornpipe.
"Play a Hornpipe"
60m Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-prince eric Great song, right? I can't believe I was crazy enough to throw my flute into the sea that one night...
C-prince eric Oh -- not THIS flute. This one's new.
C-prince eric I thought I lost the old one for a while, but I'm pretty sure Ariel's seagull friend fished it out of the water eventually.
C-prince eric Have you ever heard a seagull trying to play a flute? It's... Uh... It's really something.
C-prince eric It's his if he wants it, though! It's probably too rusty for me anyway.


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