Character Dialogue
C-maui-moana So, to recap: YOU sailed to me with a Kakamora fleet hot on your trail, YOU immediately got darted and fell off your boat...
C-maui-moana And *I* still have no idea what you wanted my help with! Except flying you here to your boat, which: Come on. It's your BOAT.
C-moana-moana ...
C-maui-moana "Wow, Maui -- I'm SO impressed! I didn't know you were the demigod of wind, sea, AND summarizing!"
C-maui-moana Look: This conversation isn't gonna work as a one-way thing. I'll throw out some guesses! Just... blink twice if I get it right.

Sounds like "Hack-Aurora"

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-moana Build (another) Kakamora Boat. * 4h Xp5, Update-29-m-currency50

* Requires Pua Level 3

Character Dialogue
C-maui-moana Okay... "Tamatoa's right-side up again?"
C-moana-moana ...
C-maui-moana No blinking. How about... "That Kakamora fleet ALSO followed my parents here, and only YOU are awesome enough to save us all!"
C-moana-moana !!!
C-maui-moana Okay! LOTS of blinking. Sarcastic blinking, but still blinking!
C-maui-moana And hey: At least your eye-rolling muscles work again! Count those blessings, buddy.


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