Character Dialogue
C-poe-starwars ... And there's Hux, right on cue. You all good on your part of the plan, buddy?
C-finn-starwars Yep. My guys and I find someplace safe to rally some speeders of our own, while you hit the First Order's Treadspeeder Base.
C-poe-starwars ... And if Hux's ego is as big as I think it is, he'll have ordered some of the troops there to guard HIM instead of the bikes.
C-poe-starwars It'll be tight, but that SHOULD give me enough of an opening to infiltrate their supply garage without anyone catching on...
C-finn-starwars Hey, if anyone can do it, you can! Good luck out there -- not that you're gonna need it.

Speed Is Critical

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Poe to raid the Treadspeeder Base's garage.[1]
"Raid Treadspeeder Base"
6h Xp5, Update-36-m-currency50
Level 4
Send Finn to arrange for a speeder drop-off point.
"Arrange a Drop-off Point"
  1. Requires Treadspeeder Base
Character Dialogue
C-finn-starwars All right! Resistance HQ says they can air-drop us some Gian-211s at the location we just secured...
C-finn-starwars ... Not that I really know what a "Gian-211" IS. With my background and all I'm not really a non-First Order transport expert.
C-poe-starwars Don't worry, Finn; those're the patrol speeders we had at D'Qar. They'll work just fine -- you did good!
C-finn-starwars Hey, looks like you made out okay, too! I mean... you're LITERALLY carrying a bag full of stolen First Order tech right now.
C-poe-starwars Courtesy of the general's own treadspeeder supply garage, yeah! He's not gonna miss it. ... Probably.


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