Character Dialogue
C-jack sparrow Tia Dalma... Light of my life. Fruit of my... something. You'll remember when I asked you to take my ship back from Barbossa?
C-tia dalma I seem to recall such a bargain, yes... Though it seems that YOU did not.
C-jack sparrow ... Not the point. The crux of the matter is... I rather expected you'd give the ship to ME, afterwards. Me being shipless. Savvy?
C-tia dalma Hmm. Now that you mention it...
C-tia dalma ... No.

Spirited Negotiations

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-tia dalma
Level 3
Send Jack and Tia Dalma to REALLY discuss the ship. *
"Discuss the Ship"
12h Xp30, M-magic250
C-jack sparrow
Level 1

* Requires Jack Sparrow (Captain's Coat).

Character Dialogue
C-tia dalma Say whatever pretty words you wish, Jack Sparrow... Our bargain is clear. Your ship has made port, and in port it will stay...
C-jack sparrow Do I detect an "unless" on the horizon?
C-tia dalma ... Unless you dedicate yourself to breaking the Curse over this land -- and setting me as free and wild as is my nature.
C-jack sparrow You drive a hard bargain, Your Witchfulness... but I accept. That Curse will rue the day it met Captain Jack Sparrow!
C-tia dalma Ahh... Witty Jack. You always did have a touch of destiny about you...


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