Character Dialogue
C-abu-ttc Hmph!
C-jasmine-ttc Now, Abu... We can't solve this scarab problem if we're not even talking to each other, now, can we?
C-jasmine-ttc Here: This is a peace offering, from me to you. I know you haven't had that many snacks today, and--
C-abu-ttc Wha!!!
C-jasmine-ttc Haha! That was fast...


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Jasmine and Abu to share an apple.
"Share an Apple"
2h T-refresh1, M-xp1, Update-20-m-currency400
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-ttc Hey, Jasmine! Good to see you and Abu getting along... He's not giving you a hard time, is he?
C-jasmine-ttc Haha! Well, he isn't anymore... It's amazing how many problems a nice piece of fruit can solve!
C-jasmine-ttc Maybe you'll have better luck understanding him than I did, though. He was trying to tell me what he saw in the marketplace...
C-aladdin-ttc Really? That's great, Jasmine! Just leave it to me: I'll talk to him about it right away!
C-jasmine-ttc As long as you tell me about it afterward! After all this... I'm really starting to get curious.


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