Character Dialogue
C-squirt Riding the EAC with my dad is the coolest thing in the universe... but he says I gotta practice riding solo sometimes, too.
C-squirt I think it's something about growing up? Like how he says I'm gonna like eating seagrass when I'm older... (Blech!)
C-squirt I don't mind too much, though. Riding solo is totally gnarly when you get into it -- like now! Watch me go!

Start the Motor!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Squirt to ride Crush's Coaster solo. *
"Ride Crush's Coaster Solo"
8h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Crush's Coaster

Character Dialogue
C-squirt WHOA. That was SO COOL! Wait till I tell my dad about how I totally ripped that screaming bottom turn...
C-squirt ...and I didn't even feed the fishes or ANYTHING! (I made sure I was facing backwards just in case, though!)
C-squirt Once my head stops going around and around, I GOTTA do that again...
C-squirt Sometimes that takes a while -- but being dizzy's part of the fun, dude!


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