Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski Wow Sulley, you're looking terrific! That juice cleanse is really working for you.
C-sulley Thanks, buddy. Your support has been a big help.
C-mike wazowski What are friends for? But honestly, I don't know how you do it.
C-mike wazowski No French Fries? No burgers? No savory, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth sushi? How do you resist temptation?

Stay Strong

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level ?
Tell Sulley to rush to Cyclops Sushi. *
"Feeling Starved"
16h Xp7, M-magic50

* Requires Cyclops Sushi

Character Dialogue
C-sulley Sorry about what happened back there, buddy. I was just... so... hungry.
C-mike wazowski Actually, I think that was a real breakthrough for you.
C-sulley You've never been scarier!
C-sulley Turns out I'm just not a diet kinda guy. Guess that means it's time to hit the gym.


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