Character Dialogue
C-timothy q. mouse-main Well, whatever kind of outfit might be set up here already... at least this place has got a train station right out front.
C-timothy q. mouse-main That means Casey Jr. can get here just fine -- and THAT means we're in business!
C-timothy q. mouse-main As soon as I can find someplace clear enough to pitch the big top, anyhow. That's one crowded piece of real estate!

Step Right Up!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-main Build Dumbo the Flying Elephant. * 16h M-xp30, M-magic250

* Requires Timothy Q. Mouse Level 2

Character Dialogue
C-timothy q. mouse-main There! Now ain't that just as pretty as a picture?
C-timothy q. mouse-main I don't give them roustabouts enough credit... They can set up a center ring like nobody's business. Just lookit that scenery!
C-timothy q. mouse-main (We don't really keep that building on fire anymore, by the way. Not since one of the clowns burned his keister!)
C-timothy q. mouse-main Yessir, there's only thing missing from the circus now -- and that's the main event!


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