Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-frozen Gosh, Goofy, this storm just keeps getting worse. We gotta make sure the whole Kingdom is safe!
C-mickey mouse-frozen Let's split up and check on everybody. If you see anybody in trouble, shout!
C-goofy You can count on me, Mickey!

Storm Watch

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse-frozen
Level 2
Send Mickey to check on the Kingdom.
"Check on the Kingdom"
2h Xp5, Update-7-m-currency50
Level ?
Send Goofy to check on the Kingdom.
"Check on the Kingdom"
Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-frozen Phew! Everybody's safe. How did your search go, Goofy? I didn't hear any shouts from you.
C-goofy Really? Gawrsh, that's strange... I'm SURE I hollered when that fella tripped into a snowdrift...
C-goofy Oh, wait... A-hyuck! That was me! I guess it's kinda hard to yell loud when you're upside-down...
C-mickey mouse-frozen I'm glad Goofy's okay, but his fall tells me that we've gotta do something about this storm, quick!


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