Character Dialogue
C-lefou All RIGHT! Henri finally got his accordion fixed up -- and THAT means the band's back together!
C-lefou ...What! I got my own interests too, ya know! I don't hang out with Gaston ALL the time. Just... MOST of it!
C-lefou Anyway... LeFou's Revue is the village's only... uh... LEADING instrumental combo! We play birthdays, holidays, surprise weddings...
C-lefou ... And if we play good enough today, the tavern keeper's gonna give us a standing gig at his place! So we're KIND of a big deal.

Strike Up the Band! (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send LeFou to audition his band at the Tavern. *
"Audition at the Tavern"
6h M-xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Gaston's Tavern

Character Dialogue
C-lefou Aaaah, nuts. That old coot wouldn't know good music if it dropped an armchair on him!
C-lefou Who CARES if my conducting-stick was still broken from when Gaston threw me into that mud puddle?
C-lefou ... And if the horn was still out of tune from when Gaston hit me over the head with it?
C-lefou ... And if Gaston didn't even show up to watch after I wrote a whole other song about how good of a friend he is?!
C-lefou There was a whole VERSE about how he almost remembered my birthday once!


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