Summer Break is where the Circle of Life Event 2017 begins....

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-tlk Oh boy! The Kingdom's more magical than ever, and the Curse is even less Curse-ey. I know just what I'm gonna do next...
C-mickey mouse-tlk ...Nothing!
C-mickey mouse-tlk After all, it's summer! Now that everything's getting back to normal, I can finally take a day off.

Summer Break

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse-tlk
Level ?
Send Mickey to relax on the Fun Wheel. *
"Relax on the Fun Wheel"
2m Xp5, Update-12-m-currency50

* Requires Mickey's Fun Wheel

Character Dialogue
C-maleficent It's really quite pitiful how these fools insist upon their pursuits of happiness when faced with my dark magic.
C-maleficent True, they may have weakened my Curse with their insipid "happy magic," but their efforts will soon come to naught.
C-maleficent After all, they can hardly use magic as their weapon... if they have no magic AT ALL!
C-mickey mouse-tlk Brrr... Did anyone else feel a sudden chill in the air, or was that just me?


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