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| align="center"|{{Character Li Shang}}<br /><small>''Level ?''</small>
| align="center"|{{Character Li Shang}}<br /><small>''Level ?''</small>
|Send [[Li Shang|Shang]] to plan for the demonstration.<br /><small>''" "''</small>
|Send [[Li Shang|Shang]] to plan for the demonstration.<br /><small>''" "''</small>
|{{XP}}?, {{Dragon Coins}}?
|{{XP}}5, {{Dragon Coins}}50

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Character Dialogue
Template:Character Li Shang Forgive me... My being posted as a morale officer may be temporary, but that's no excuse for me to neglect my duty.
Template:Character Li Shang If the Emperor wants me to travel to this land and hold a demonstration for the Lantern Festival... well, I'm honored to do it.
Template:Character Li Shang I'll need to take a full inventory of the supplies we have on hand, though...
Template:Character Li Shang Whether it's troop movements or festival planning -- either way, preparation is key!

Supply Lines

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Template:Character Li Shang
Level ?
Send Shang to plan for the demonstration.
" "
2h Xp5, Template:Dragon Coins50
Character Dialogue
Template:Character Li Shang Hmm... Adequate food stores, and we SHOULD be able to seat enough guests... Excellent work.
Template:Character Li Shang Now -- a quick inspection of the barracks, and we should be able to get down to business...
Template:Character Li Shang After all, we can't have an entire military drill team sleeping outside, now, can we?
Template:Character Li Shang There... ah... IS a barracks here. Right?


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