Character Dialogue
C-crush-fn All right, my son. Are you ready to re-enter the EAC in search of aid for Jellyman?
C-squirt-fn You know it, dude!
C-crush-fn Righteous! And have you familiarized yourself with proper re-entry technique?
C-squirt-fn I was BORN familiar, dude!
C-crush-fn DOUBLE righteous! Now, lastly: Do you have your re-entry buddy?
C-squirt-fn Heehee! I'm looking at him right now, dude!
C-crush-fn Sweeeeet.

Surf's Up!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Squirt and Crush to search Crush's Coaster. *
"Search Crush's Coaster"
6h Xp5, Update-32-m-currency50
Level 4

* Requires Crush's Coaster

Character Dialogue
C-crush-fn ... Whoa.
C-squirt-fn Yeah! Whoa!
C-crush-fn I don't wanna jinx it, little dude? But I think we may just've found Jellyman's exiting-the-tide-pool buddy!
C-squirt-fn Whoa... I didn't even know that was a real kind of buddy, dude!
C-crush-fn Well, it is now, dude! It is now.


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