Character Dialogue
C-merlin-main Well, look what we have here!
C-merlin-main A remnant of the Kingdom's magical legacy! I believe I can restore it... Worth a try, eh?
Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-merlin-main Keep workin' that Magic. 2h Xp15, M-magic100
California Screamin'
Clear Curse?


Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Ha, ha, ha. These fools think they can defeat me by bringing back what I have so magnificently destroyed.
C-maleficent Soon they will learn the consequences of such foolishness.
C-mickey mouse-main Hello? Is somebody there...?
C-maleficent ...
C-mickey mouse-main Gosh, guess it's time to clean out my ears!
C-goofy-main This will be an important key to restoring the Kingdom -- and it also looks like oodles of fun!


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