Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski I can't believe Sulley set up this surprise show just for me!
C-mike wazowski He's such a great pal.
C-boo Mowki Kowski!

Surprise for Boo

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Boo to watch comedy at the Laugh Floor. *
"Laugh Along"
4h Xp15, M-magic100

* Requires Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski Okay, you could have told me that was a surprise party for BOO before I started opening presents that weren't mine!
C-sulley You mean the first plastic pink unicorn you opened wasn't enough of a clue?
C-mike wazowski Very funny, Sulley. I happen to like pink unicorns.
C-sulley Good to know. I'll be sure to get you one for your next birthday.
C-boo Ay ya ya la la la!


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