Character Dialogue
C-cobra bubbles-las All ight -- we're going in. Stay behind me and wait for my signal to advance; there's no telling what's in that lab.
C-nani-las Uh... yes there is, actually? I go in there to clean almost every day... it's mostly takeout containers and dirty aloha shirts.
C-cobra bubbles-las Hmph. Well... you can never be too careful.

Sweep the Area!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-cobra bubbles-las
Level 2
Send Nani and Bubbles to investigate Lilo's House.[1]
"Investigate Lilo's House"
4h Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50
Level 3
  1. Requires Lilo's House
Character Dialogue
C-cobra bubbles-las Jackpot. These schematics clearly show the robot -- linking Jookiba to the incident. If only we could read his notes...
C-cobra bubbles-las I'd call in a specialist to translate... but given the ectoplasm covering that computer, I'm not sure ANY human should use it.
C-nani-las "Ectoplasm"? Uh... I think that's duck sauce, actually. Jumba's been talking about this new Szechuan delivery place...
C-cobra bubbles-las ... Noted. I'll tell the xenolinguist to bring some wet wipes.
C-cobra bubbles-las In our line of work, it pays to be prepared.


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