Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-aladdin We know where Jafar's hiding, and what he's planning to do there, but I'm not sure how we're gonna defeat him.
C-aladdin-aladdin He LOOKS like his old self, but he's still a genie! ...I think. I doubt just tackling him will work.
C-aladdin-aladdin Hmm... Jasmine let the merchants in the bazaar know who I really am -- so I should be able to go back in there, now...
C-aladdin-aladdin ...Maybe I could buy something that could take down Jafar once and for all!

Swords 4 Sale

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Aladdin shopping in the Streets of Agrabah. *
"Go Shopping"
6h Xp5, Update-12-m-currency50

* Requires Streets of Agrabah

Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-aladdin Aaaaaand... nothing.
C-aladdin-aladdin Oh, plenty of people tried to sell me "Anti-Evil" this and "Curse-Fighting" that, but all of it was useless junk!
C-aladdin-aladdin NOT being a thief in a bazaar isn't much better than being one. At least if you're a thief, nobody tries to price-gouge you.
C-aladdin-aladdin Guess I'll have to take on Jafar with just my friends and my wits. It worked before, so here goes...


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