Character Dialogue
C-bashful Gosh... Why'd Doc run off home so fast? I... I get a little nervous when he ain't at the head of the line...
C-grumpy Pah! Prob'ly fixin' to be head of the line at the soup pot... Like the rest of us ain't nothin' but a bunch of doodlebugs!
C-bashful Oh... W-well... he DID get up early to help us, so... Gosh... I think we should let him go first anyhow!
C-grumpy *grumble* ... Well... MAYBE. But I ain't gonna be all cheery about it -- that's fer sure!

Table for Eight?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc to the Cottage for supper. *
"Go Home for Supper"
6h M-xp10, Update-29-m-currency75

* Requires Seven Dwarfs' Cottage

Character Dialogue
C-doc-moana Why... uh... hello there, Princess! I was wonderin'... I mean, not to take anything' away from the pen, I mean, the men, but...
C-snow white-moana Haha! Now, don't you worry your dear little head, Doc. I've made more than enough soup for everyone!
C-doc-moana For everyone?! Why... Why... What I mean to say is... Why, that's just pine and sandy!
C-snow white-moana Well, I'm sure it is... Just so long as everyone makes sure to wash before they eat!
C-doc-moana Aw... Should've known there was a catch. Well... at least I'll be first in line for the washtub, then!


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