Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main What're we waitin' for, little britches? We've got a WHOLE lotta nothin' to do, and not all that much time to do it!
C-mowgli-main I DO like having fun with you, Baloo... But are you sure you're not just trying to keep me away from Shere Khan?
C-baloo-main ... Kid, anyone ever tell you you're gettin' too suspicious for your own good?

Take Five

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Baloo and Mowgli to relax at Baloo's Oasis. *
"Relax at an Oasis"
2h M-xp25, M-magic200
Level 4

* Requires Baloo's Oasis

Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main Baggy! Good to-- Whoa... what happened?! When'd you get all dinged up like that?
C-bagheera-main That's not important, Baloo -- what IS important is why YOU haven't sent Mowgli away yet!
C-baloo-main I'm tryin', Bagheera -- I'm TRYIN', but the kid just won't listen to me!
C-baloo-main It's all I can do to keep the little guy occupied enough to stay put -- and even THAT'S gettin' to be a tough sell!
C-baloo-main I'm just one bear, Baggy! I can only relax so hard!


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