Character Dialogue
C-shenzi Wanna know one big reason why I keep Banzai and Ed around? There's a LOT of killer jokes that don't work with just one hyena
C-shenzi Banzai's a grade-A bonehead, but at least he knows how to keep a bit goin'. And Ed's... uh... ED, but he always laughs at 'em!
C-shenzi Only problem is, I gotta come up with all my new material when NEITHER of 'em are around...
C-shenzi Those morons'll steal a punchline almost as quick as they'll steal a fresh antelope carcass! And they do that a LOT.

Take My Mate... Please!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Shenzi to come up with new material.
"Come up with New Material"
12h M-xp5, M-magic50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-shenzi Heheheh... Okay... Okay, I got one, I got one. Here goes... "Why did the lion lose the footrace?"
C-shenzi "...Because the other racer... WAS A CHEETAH!" HahahaHAAAAhahaha!!! Oh, MAN... You still got it, Shenzi. You still GOT it!
C-shenzi ... Wait. Unless I told that joke to Scar once already and he got so mad he tried to bite me on the flank for it?
C-shenzi ... Naaaaaah. That was for all those OTHER jokes I told about how slow lions are!
C-shenzi Talk about a tough crowd. It's like... if you can't laugh at yourself, don't try and eat the comedian!


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