Character Dialogue
C-john darling-main Well! I may not know where I am... but I shall try to keep a stiff upper lip as I find out.
C-john darling-main ... Except while I'm calling out for Wendy, Michael, and Peter, of course! Unlike some plans, this one hardly calls for stealth.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-john darling-main
Level 1
Send John to find his siblings.
"Find His Siblings"
12h Xp30, M-magic250
Character Dialogue
C-john darling-main Oh, dash it all... I'm even less sure of where I am than before!
C-john darling-main And to make matters worse, I'm quite certain that there's a bear cub following me. I've only caught glimpses of it, but...
C-john darling-main Wait a moment... I say! What if that's not a real bear cub at all?
C-john darling-main And not Cubby the Lost Boy, either... He's quite a bit bigger than that.


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