Character Dialogue
C-woody-aladdin Now that everyone's safe in the Barn, I can go and check on the storms. I don't have any electronic parts, so I'll be safe.
C-woody-aladdin And there's something I've been wanting to try. I read this book of folk tales once, where this cowboy lassoed a twister...
C-woody-aladdin It's just a story, but still...I AM a cowboy, and I've GOT a lasso, so why not see what happens?

Tangle with a Twister

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Woody to try and lasso a Sand Whirl.
"Try and Lasso Them"
4h Xp5, Update-12-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-woody-aladdin *COUGH* *HACK* *COUGH* ...Ugh. Okay, I am not trying that again.
C-woody-aladdin Somehow I managed to lasso most of the sand into my mouth. How is that even possible?
C-woody-aladdin There IS less sand around than there was a while ago, though. Is someone else helping clear it up?


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