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This template is used to display Character Avatar/Icon in Quest Dialogs and tables describing how to obtain Tokens.

Template background

See Help:Templates for some background on how templates work.


  • The first argument is the name of the character.
  • The second argument, if present, selects the versions used during various Events.
  • The third argument, if present, specifies the image display height in pixels (default=50). Limited to actual height of the image (150)
  • Both parameters are case-insensitive and are converted to lower case.
  • If the second argument is invalid, it is ignored and the plain version is selected.


{{Character Avatar
 |Character Name [e.g. Mickey Mouse] (Required)
 |Event Reference [e.g. Frozen for the "Frozen" event] (Optional)
 |Image Height (Optional, Default=50)


|{{Character Avatar|Mickey Mouse}}
|{{Character Avatar|Mickey Mouse|main}}
|{{Character Avatar|Mickey Mouse|Frozen}}
|{{Character Avatar|Mickey Mouse||75}}

Results in...

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
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