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This template is used to display Currency Icon or Image.

Template background

See Help:Templates for some background on how templates work.


  • The first argument is the name of the currency / event and optionally the count. Multiple items can be specified separated by an dollar sign ($). Each item is specified as "name,count" (case-insensitive)
  • The second argument, if present, specifies whether Text Link to currency page is to be included. The argument value determines the text to be displayed as the link.
    • N = Currency "Name"
    • E = "Event Currency"
    • e = "event Currency"
    • L = Currency Name link (without icon)
      Uses alternate text if specified
    • A = "Alternate Text" (taken from third argument)
    • T = Currency Name text only
  • The third argument, if present, specifies the alternate text to be displayed in the text link.
  • The fourth argument, if present, specifies that the larger currency image is to be displayed instead of the currency icon.
  • The fifth argument, if present, specifies the image display height in pixels (default=22 for icon and 50 for image). Limited to actual height of the image.


 |currency name [e.g. Magic] (Required)
 |Include Text Link [N, E, e, A or T) (Optional)
 |Alternate Text (Optional)
 |Icon or Image (Optional)
 |Image Height (Optional, Default=22 for Icon, 50 for Image)



Results in...

Experience5 Magic50
Event Currency (Adventure Cards)
Adventure Cards (Adventure Cards)
Adventure Cards
Adventure Cards20
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